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Our Mission

Partnership - The essential policy that we have both inside and outside our company. No relationship can be one-sided, but must be complex and multiple. We do not have typical relationship with our customers and suppliers, but we treat them as partners. It’s not only important for someone to buy and pay for the goods, our concern also is to help our partners expand their business and make it maintainable.  The partnership calls for respect and attention. In the relation between employee - employer, office worker – office executive - we all strive towards the same goal: PINOLES - our second home, the house that has a solid foundation in which we all feel happy and safe.


Inventiveness - We always tend to find the best solution for any problem we encounter with, and to be a step ahead, a bit more skilled - wiser than our competitors. Inventiveness appreciated and recognized in our home, because we believe we raise the quality of the work of the entire company by encouraging individual inventiveness. In this way, it’s easier to get all the desired results.


Loyalty - The times we live in do not favour such philosophy, but we do not intend to give it up, it is and always will be the fundamental value of our company in all its partnership relations. It is an honour for us to know that you can always rely on us because we do not do business on day-to-day basis.


Team – Together we are stronger – team work makes everything easier, brighter and better. This is not a cliché – this is our lifestyle and our work strategy. Help out your colleagues and partners, your subordinates and superiors - because tomorrow you can be the one needing   help. By spreading altruism - we are strengthening the foundations of our house! Find yourself in the things which you are best at, do what you like best and be part of this team!


Service- Servicing customers is our job! We act in the long run! We're not big traders of semi-finished products, nor is it our goal - what we are trying to do is to be the best service to our partners - because if our partners make prosper – so do we!