Kaldsidis web site in Serbian language

The very best from the very best ones for you

With the great pleasure we inform you that producer Kaldsidis, inspired by success on the Serbian market, have prepared new edition of website, presenting product portfolio and actualities,  on Serbian language, as well.

Kaltdisis is having unique opportunity to promote the newest products and solutions, which have been developed in three generations of Kaltdsidis family. That is the reason that solutions and products of Kaldsidis portoflio are representation of the fresh and innovative industrial culture and design, as well impecable  quality or product and services.

On the new web site of Kaltdsidis you will find simple and efficient presentations of product portfolio, discovering new world of wooden creative materials.

Please visit Kaltdsidis website, where you will be ensured in the superiority and applicability of veneers, veneered panels, timber and flooring.

Kaldsidis products, services and solutions, you can always find in Pinoles, who cheerfully awaits you, bringing always the very best from the very best for you.