Eurolight (honeycomb core) panels have an inner cardboard honeycomb core and an outer layer made of thin chipboard, thickness 8mm. This structure ensures greater panel thickness, good physical properties and low weight. Such characteristics make the honeycomb core panel perfect for cupboards, shelves, tabletops which require visually large panel thickness and low weight.

These panels may be raw or coated with decorative paper, which enables combining them with other materials. Raw panels can be veneered or laminate coated, whereas melamine-faced panels can be combined with the same melamine-faced chipboard decors. Eurolight panels can be processed using standard cutting and edging. Therefore, they do not require additional investments into equipment. Processing procedure is presented in the video shot in our manufacturing plant:

Eurolight lightweight honeycomb core panel processing – part I

Eurolight lightweight honeycomb core panel processing – part II

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