Chipboard and MDF panels laminated with natural veneer are an excellent replacement for solid wood. They are used for manufacturing luxurious furniture, as an interior design material mainly used as wall covering, for manufacturing interior and exterior doors, etc. The process of making products using these panels compared to using solid wood is much simpler, faster and more cost-effective.

The manufacture of veneered panels is a technological process which involves the selection of veneer, the preparation of bonding sheets, assembling sheets using a specialized machine to coat the panels that the adhesive was previously applied to. Panels prepared in this way and veneers are then placed into the hot press machine. After conditioning the panel and drying the adhesive, panels are sanded with abrasive paper of specific granulation and packed. When preparing and selecting veneer it is important for the veneer color and texture to be uniform so that the panels in one pallet are approximately the same. This is important both because of the appearance of the entire interior or a piece of furniture, and because of surface finishing if the panels are toned or stained.


Depending on the specific requirements, veneers can have different textures. Certain customers demand the texture which is calm and that the tree rings run parallel to each other, whereas other  require a more restless texture which is closer to the actual appearance of solid wood. Accordingly, these panels are classified according to the veneer texture used to laminate them.

collection of veneered panels:

Veneered oak panels with Rustic and Vintage finishing are a novelty in our collection. The thickness of veneer used for laminating them is 1mm. Panels have surface finishing and do not require further treatment.

 Veneered MDF oak rustic vintage

Bleached veneered MDF oak rustic