Edge bandings are classified as follows:

  1. ABS edges
  2. Melamine edges
  3. Veneer edges

ABS edges are made of environmentally friendly material Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene with very low emission of harmful substances, unlike PVC strips which have very high emission of harmful substances. The ABS edges are very easy to process, they are softer and more flexible than PVC strips, which significantly reduces the wear of edging machine knifes. This is a preferable option for curvilinear edging and for application in colder conditions. They are used in the manufacture of furniture for edging melamine-faced chipboard and other panel materials. Standard dimensions: Width: 22 - 54 mm; Thickness: 0.45 - 2 mm

ABS edges

Melamine edges are made of impregnated and printed paper. A special type of paper is printed and soaked in a chemical resin solution to improve the properties of the paper. There are two versions of these edges:

Width: 22 - 45 mm; Thickness: 0.35 mm

Melamine edges

Veneer edges are edges made of natural wood veneer. They are used for edging veneered panels and require additional treatment and protection. They are manufactured in 3 different versions:

Veneer edges

collection of hranipex edge bandings: