Laminate is manufactured by bonding certain number of sheets of special paper under high pressure and temperature. The overlay is a decorative melamine foil. This technology results in a product whose surface is extremely strong and resistant to mechanical and chemical influences. Laminate has a very wide application and due to its characteristics, the demand for it in the market is constantly increasing. It is suitable for covering worktop surfaces such as kitchen worktops and reception desks, coating rounded elements, bars, counters ... Laminate is often used for the interior of 4 and 5-star hotels because this is the ideal material for all rooms with high-frequency of people and more intensive furniture exploitation. In addition, the same decor can be applied for furniture manufacture, wall coverings, and doors.

A wide range of laminate decors makes it easy to fit laminate into the interior. Practically, each melamine-faced chipboard decor is also provided for CPL or HPL laminate. Laminate thickness ranges from 0.15mm (micro laminate - ideal for door casings and skirtings, door frontals) up to 0.6mm (flexy laminate - most commonly used for curved elements and curves) and 0.8mm (honey laminate-classic laminate  ), thus enabling it to meet all requirements specified by terms of reference. Laminate is available in the form of sheetswith standard dimensions 2800x1310 mm, door sizes 2150x950mm, 2150x1020mm and 2350x1310mm, as well as rolls, 200m long, so that maximum utilization of material is ensured.


For each melamine-faced chipboard and worktop surface decor there is an identical laminate decor. In most cases laminate is ordered for special purpose, and depending on the decor, the delivery period varies from 5 days up to 3-4 weeks.

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