MDF panel is a raw medium-density fiberboard (720-750 kg/m3). It is produced by mixing resin and wood fibers under high pressure and high temperature. It has sanded and smooth finishing on both sides. These panels are intended for interior application and furniture manufacture. It is suitable for painting, varnishing, veneering and foil lamination, as well as a replacement for wood applied in dry conditions. Producer : Kronospan
Standard dimensions : 2800x2070 mm
Standard thickness :8, 10, 12, 16, 18, 19, 22, 25, 28, 30, 40 mm

MDM 3D PREMIUM panel is raw fiberboard with improved characteristics, uniform fiber density across the entire cross-section (815kg/m3). It is used for more demanding processing procedures. Paint consumption is reduced and CNC machine processing is much easier and more precise. Manufacturer: Kronospan. Standard dimensions: 2800x2070 mm. Standard thickness: 19 mm

MDF 3D premium

MDF 3D panels laminated with melamine foil, on one or both sides (770-800kg/m3). They are used for various interiors in furniture manufacturing.
Producer : Kronospan
Standard dimensions : 2800x2070 mm
Standard thickness :
Unilaterally melamine-faced : 16, 18, 19 mm
Bilaterally melamine-faced : 16, 19 mm

MDF 3D panels laminated with GRUND foil, on one or both sides. Paint is applied directly onto the foil without any base coats, thus shortening the process of preparing the material.
Producer : Kronspan
Standard dimension : 2800x2070 mm
Standard thickness :
Bilaterally laminated : 18 mm

MRMDF panels – moisture resistant MDF panels are raw fiberboards used in humid conditions. These panels have wide interior and exterior application. They are used for lining, furniture manufacture and construction.

Producer : Kronspan
Standard dimension : 2800x2070 mm
Standard thickness : 16, 19 mm

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