In the last few years, high gloss has made grand return and has once again become one of the most sought-after products in the market. It can be manufactured in different versions using different processes. Our offer includes three types of high gloss:


PVC foil applied to MDF and chipboard. It is manufactured by YILDIZ ENTEGRE, a Turkish company which is the leader in manufacturing high gloss profiles, doors and panels. Our collection in stock includes 29 decors. However, customers can order other decors whereby the minimum quantity to be ordered is 2 panels. Panels are protected by foil which is removed after assembly and installation and are packed in cardboard boxes in pairs. This is one of the advantages over our competition, since this kind of packing reduces the possibility of damage, and only two panels can be ordered. Only one side of each decor is glossy whereas the other/back side is white.


High gloss MDF or chipboard, manufactured by Falco. Alternating cycles of pressing specially impregnated paper, in combination with gradual liquid cooling of the surface results in the structure FS70 with perfectly even and glossy surface which is solid and scratch resistant. The advantage of MIRROR GLOSS is its high-gloss colour on both sides of the panel.


The core of these panels is MDF coated with a layer of high-quality acrylic resin film, thickness 1.4mm and a PS (polystyrene) layer applied on the back side. This is a high-quality high gloss, without any reflection, dots and reflecting surface unevenness. It is the top notch high gloss which gives an impression of a mirror reflection. Due to its appearance and quality, its price is significantly higher, thus making it an exclusive product.

collection of high-gloss panels: